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Spring 2020 Microbiology Seminar Series

The Spring Seminar Series will be held in Mossman 102 at 3:30 pm unless otherwise noted. This series is associated with MICR 595 and MICR 670.




Seminar Title

13 Jan

Graduate Student Presentations

University of Tennessee


20 Jan

MLK Holiday


No seminar today. University Closed.

27 Jan

Nana Ankrah

Cornell University

Title:  Microbial symbionts as nutrient factories
(Host: Alison Buchan)

03 Feb

Glen Palmer

Univ. of Tennessee
Health Science Center

Title: Antifungal resistance….what does it all mean?
(Host: Todd Reynolds)

10 Feb

Nathan Cude


Title: Keeping Food on the Table—Microbes to Feed a Growing World
 (Host: Alison Buchan)

17 Feb

Dan Jacobson

Oak Ridge National

Title: From Genome To Microbiome To Climate With A Few Steps Along The Way
(Hosts: Heidi Goodrich-Blair; Alison Buchan)

24 Feb


University of Georgia

Title: Campylobacter on the rise, an old pathogen with new problems
(Host: Jeremiah Johnson)

2 Mar


Bowling Green State

Title: Cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms in USA waterways: the redeemable and the doomed (Host: Steven Wilhelm)

9 Mar

Trinity Hamilton

University of Minnesota

Title: The past, present, and future of pink snow
(Hosts: Bridget O’Banion; Caleb Schuler)

16 Mar

Spring Break


No seminar today.

23 Mar

Adrienne Correra

Rice University

Title: ApoCORALypse Now: Microbial Interactions with Threatened Coral Hosts and Reef Ecosystems
(Host: Alison Buchan)

24 Mar*

Jack Werren
Special Seminar*

Univ. of Rochester
Tues, 3:40, Moss 102*

Title:  Lateral Gene Transfers from Microbes into Insects: A Source of Evolutionary
(Host: Ben Parker)

30 Mar

Sur Hererra Paredes

Stanford University

Title: Bacterial adaptation in the human microbiota
(Host: Sarah Lebeis)

06 Apr

Kevin Vogel

University of Georgia

Title: Interactions between the kissing bug Rhodnius prolixus and its gut symbiont Rhodococcus rhodnii
(Host: Ben Parker)

13 Apr

Chris Elkins

Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention

Title: Containing Antibiotic Resistant Nightmare Bacteria with Public Health Infrastructure: from Detection to Genomics
(Host: Heidi Goodrich-Blair)

20 Apr



Title: Harnessing the plant microbiome to help farmers sustainably feed the planet
(Host: Sarah Lebeis)

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