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Spring 2018 Microbiology Seminar Series

Unless otherwise announced, the Spring 2018 Microbiology Seminar Series will be held on Mondays in Walters Life Sciences building, room M309, and starts at 3:35pm.

Date Speaker Institution Seminar title
January 22 Eric Skaar Vanderbilt University Metals in Host-pathogen Interactions
January 29 Angela Douglas Cornell University How to be a Symbiotic Microorganism
February 5 Cari Vanderpool University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Studying RNA regulators leads to new discoveries in molecular and cellular biology
February 12 Li Yang University of Georgia Type III secretion system effector proteins and phytohormone defenses in plants
February 19 Ann Tate Vanderbilt University The evolutionary ecology of host-microbe interactions
February 26 Manuela Raffatellu University of California San Diego “Guts, Germs, and Steel: Microbes and Metal in the Inflamed Gut”
March 5 Rheinaullt Jones Emory University Manipulation of the microbiota as a therapeutic strategy to treat digestive diseases
March 12 Spring Break - No Seminar
March 19 Steve Finkel University of Southern California Long-term Survival and Evolution of Bacteria
March 26 Billy Tsai University of Michigan How Viruses Hijack ER Quality Control Machineries to Cause Infection
April 2 Caitilyn Allen University of Wisconsin Madison Hungry and sticky or fat and vicious? Strategic switches in the bacterial plant pathogen Ralstonia solanacearum
April 9 Steve Lindow

University of California Berkeley

Assembly of epiphytic bacterial communities on plants and their interactions with the plant host
April 16 No Seminar
April 23 Selvakumar Subbian Rutgers University Medical School Host-directed therapy for tuberculosis

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