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Fall 2022 Microbiology Seminar Series

The Fall 2022 Microbiology Seminar Series will be held on Mondays at 3:30 p.m. in Mossman 102.




Seminar Title & Host

29-Aug Karen Lloyd University of Tennessee — Knoxville  Microbes in the wild: combining omics and geochemistry to learn about life in Earth’s crust
12-Sep Jeremiah Johnson University of Tennessee — Knoxville  Host-pathogen interactions during Campylobacter jejuni infection 
19-Sep Arturo Casadevall (VIRTUAL) Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of
Public Health
On the origin of virulence (Host Reynolds) VIRTUAL SEMINAR
26-Sep Philip Adams National Institutes of Health  Regulatory RNAs in the Lyme disease pathogen (Host Fozo)
3-Oct Andrew Steen University of Tennessee — Knoxville  Insights into the subsurface lifestyle from microbial extracellular enzymes 
10-Oct Vitaly Ganusov University of Tennessee — Knoxville  Mathematical modeling is a powerful tool to understand biological (immunological) phenomena
17-Oct Chelsi Cassilly Jacobs Space Exploration Group/NASA  Planetary Protection at Marshall Space Flight Center
(Host Fozo/Mikucki/Reynolds)
24-Oct Richard Gerhold University of Tennessee — Institute of Agriculture Investigating improved diagnostics for two competitive exclusion parasites impacting wild and domestic animals (Host Fozo)
7-Nov Anupama Khare  National Institutes of Health  Interspecies sensing and responses in a two-species bacterial system (Host Fozo)
14-Nov Melody Hawkins Austin East High School The Urgency for High-Quality Science Education in Urban Schools (Host Reynolds)
21-Nov Ashraf Ibrahim The Lundquist Institute Unique features of Mucormycosis pathogenesis (Host Reynolds)
28-Nov Erika Pfeiler (VIRTUAL) United States Food and Drug Administration Laws AND Sausages: An incomplete history of the Food and Drug Administration and my journey there (Host Fozo) VIRTUAL SEMINAR
5-Dec Joseph Jackson University of Tennessee Medical Center — Knoxville  From Cancer to Amyloid: a Merging of Myeloid Cells (Host Fozo)

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