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Laboratory Research Opportunities for Undergraduates

Our current students have the opportunity to gain research experience in laboratories of the Department. Such experience will teach you what it means to do research: how to perform experiments, analyse data, make conclusions, and write papers. You may volunteer to work at the lab, get college credit for working in the lab (MICRO 401/402 courses), or in some cases get paid.

To do a research project, look at the faculty page and identifypotential laboratories where you would be interested working in. Make sure to check out our joint and adjunct faculty too. Then contact the head of the lab and see if the lab needs additional hands. Don't be disappointed if the lab is already full; we have many laboratories which would provide excellent working and research experience.

You can also get class credit (Micr 401/402) for performing research in the lab outside of the microbiology department. In this case you need to search for the lab in other departments (e.g., BCMB, Ag Campus, UT Medical Center or others) and per agreement with the lab head, contact your academic adviser to register for the course. To receive full credit for 401/402 courses be sure that your expected research project is related to microbiology.

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