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Spring 2016 Microbiology General Seminar

Walter Life Sciences, Room M309 @ 3:35 pm
Seminar Series associated with MICR 630: Topics in Immunology

Date Speakers Institution Seminar Title
11-Jan Tatiana Vishnivetskaya University of Tennessee "Microbial Life in Permafrost"
25-Jan John Rawls Duke University "Microbial control of intestinal lipid metabolism and gene expression"
1-Feb Tessa Burch-Smith University of Tennessee "Plant resistance to viruses and nematodes: the
unexpected role of the chloroplast"
8-Feb Mark Mandel Northwestern University "Better together: Biofilm regulation and evolution in symbiotic Vibrio fischeri"
15-Feb Nilu Goonetilleke Duke University "CD8 T cells in early control of HIV - implications for HIV prevention and cure"
22-Feb Jenny Morrell-Falvey Oak Ridge National Laboratory "Dissecting the molecular mechanisms that promote plant association by microbes"
29-Feb David Baltrus University of Arizona "Microbiomes inside of microbes: diverse endohyphal bacteria alter fungal phenotypes"
7-Mar David Underhill University of California, Los Angeles "Commensal Fungi in Health and Disease"
14-Mar No Seminar - Spring Break
21-Mar Photini Sinnis Johns Hopkins University "Against All Odds: Establishment of Malaria Infection in
the Mammalian Host"
28-Mar Brad Day Michigan State University "The Actin-Pathogen Connection: More than Filaments and Form"
4-Apr Jeff Becker University of Tennessee "A Career In Academia: A Privilege Beyond Measure"
11-Apr Leor Weinberger University of California, San Francisco "Developing drugs to awake HIV from latency"
18-Apr Joanne Flynn University of Pittsburgh "Granuloma heterogeneity dictates Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection outcome"

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