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Spring 2015 Microbiology General Seminar

Walter Life Sciences, Room M309 @ 3:35 pm
Seminar Series associated with Micro 620: Topics in Microbial Pathology

Date Speaker Institution Seminar Title
12-Jan Richard Lee St. Jude's Research Hospital New approaches to tackle antibiotic resistance
19-Jan MLK Day MLK Day MLK Day
26-Jan Erin Murphy Ohio University Heritage     College of Osteopathic      Medicine Dual regulation of Shigella heme utilization
2-Feb Seth Bordenstein Vanderbilt University The Urge to Merge: Microbes and the Origin of Species
9-Feb Eric Stabb University of Georgia Sensing more than a quorum:  The role of pheromones in the light-organ symbiont Vibrio fischeri
16-Feb Alan Sher National institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease TBD
23-Feb Lixin  Zhang Chinese Academy of Science Key Laboratory of Pathogenic Microbiology and Immunology Bioprospecting microbial natural products for potential anti-infective drugs
2-Mar Vincent Young University of Michigan Clostridium difficile  infection: Tripartite interactions between a pathogen, host and microbiota
9-Mar Wayne Outten University of South Carolina Metal homeostasis under stress: Insights from the Suf metallocofactor biogenesis pathway
16-Mar Spring Break Spring Break Spring Break
23-Mar Qijing Zhang Iowa State University Emergence and pathogenesis of a hyper-virulent Campylobacter jejuni clone associated with zoonotic diseases
30-Mar Gregory Taylor Duke University  School of Medicine The role of IRG proteins in innate immunity
6-Apr Anthony Mezzacappa Joint Institute for Computational Sciences Oak Ridge National Laboratory The Joint Institute for Computational Sciences: The Skinny
13-Apr Tyrrell Conway University of Oklahoma Intestinal colonization: Competition for nutrients in microbial restaurants
20-Apr Jose Lemos University of Rochester     Medical Center Production of (p)ppGpp in Enterococcus faecalis: the magic beyond the stringent response

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