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Spring 2009 Seminars

Date Speaker Topic
01/12 Dr. Gerd Pluschke
Med. Parasitology/Infection Biology,
Swiss Tropical Institute
Development of a Malaria Subunit Vaccine Using Influenza Virosomes as Antigen Delivery Platform
01/19 MLK Holiday
01/26 Dr. Brian Davison
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Bioenergy Conversion and the BioEnergy Science Center: A Introduction to the Challenges in Making Cellulosic Biofuels webcast available
02/02 Dr. Richard Dixon
Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation
Lignin Biosynthesis and Its Manipulation for the Development of Dedicated Bioenergy Crops webcast available
02/09 Dr. Kirsti Ritalahti
Georgia Tech
Functional ecology and the role of Dehalococcoides in bioremediation webcast available
02/16 Dr. Lee Lynd
Dartmouth College
Microbial Cellulose Utilization: Fundamentals and Biotechnology webcast available
02/23 Dr. J.H. David Wu
University of Rochester
The Clostridium thermocellum Cellulosome: A Molecular Machine for Cellulose Degradation webcast available
03/02 Dr. Hans Blaschek
University of Illinois
Biobutanol from Biomass webcast available
03/09 Dr. Barry Bruce
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Applied Photosynthesis: Putting Photosystem I to Work webcast available
03/16 Spring Break
03/23 Dr. Jeffrey Benetzen
University of Georgia
Plant Genome Structure and Evolution as Tools for the Improvement of Biomass Crops webcast available
03/30 Dr. Stephen Long
University of Illinois
Cool C4 Photosynthesis. Miscanthus – A Means to
Achieve Large Sustainable Supplies of Bioenergy Feedstock without Impacts on Food Production
webcast available
04/06 Dr. Bärbel Han-Hägerdahl
Lund University, Sweden
Second Generation Pentose Utilizing Yeast Strains webcast available
04/13 Dr. Michael Adams
University of Georgia
Biomass to Hydrogen Gas at 100 ºC webcast available
04/20 Dr. Krishna Niyogi
University of California, Berkeley
Light Harvesting for Algal Biofuels webcast available

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