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Spring 2007 Seminars

Date Speaker School/Center Topic
01/29/07 OPEN
02/05/07 William Dowhan U. Texas –Houston Medical School Lipids as determinants of membraneprotein structural and topological organization
02/08/07 Tony Pugsley Pasteur Institute Putting proteins in their right place
02/12/07 Mike Glickman Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center The M. tuberculosis cell envelope:from chemistry to pathogenesis
02/19/07 OPEN
02/26/07 Stephen White U. Cal-Irvine Translocons, Membranes, and the folding of membrane proteins
03/05/07 Don Engelman Yale Uses and Mechanism of pH-triggered Transmembrane Helix Insertion
03/12/07 NO SEMINAR - Spring Break
03/19/07 Peter Novick Yale Interaction Between Rabs, Tethers, & SNARES in Exocytosis
03/26/07 Qiang He Tennessee Uncovering the Mystery of Sulfate Reduction Inhibition by Nitrate: A functional Genomics Approach
04/02/07 H. Ron Kaback Geffern Medical School-UCLA Rising to Multiple Levels of Incompetence with a Membrane Transport Protein
04/09/07 OPEN
04/16/07 Ben DeKruif U. Utrecht The functions of non-bilayer lipids in membranes
04/27/07 Krysztof Palczewski Case Western Reserve Vertebrate Rhodopsin Sees the Light: Structure and Mechanism of
G protein-coupled Receptor Signaling

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