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Spring 2005 Seminars

Date Speaker School/Center Topic
01/31/05 Susmit Suvas University of Tennessee The War Between Host and Pathogen: Immunity, Immunoregulation and Immunopathology
02/07/05 OPEN
02/14/05 Uday Kumaraguru University of Tennessee Pushing T cells to and beyond it s limits(Novel immune induction and rescue of dysfunctional cells)
02/21/05 Dr. Mike Lorenz University of Texas How Candida albicans survives the immunesystem: a genomic perspective
02/28/05 Susan Pfiffner University of Tennessee Interdisciplinary Research Frontier: DeepUnderground Science and Engineering Laboratory
03/07/05 Melinda Hauser University of Tennessee Peptide Transport in SaccharomycesCerevisiae
03/14/05 Todd Reynolds University of Tennessee Sticking around: Mechanisms by which fungi form biofilms
03/28/05 Chunlei Su University of Tennessee Toxoplasma gondii - Acute Virulence and Population Structure
04/04/05 George Bullerjahn Bowling Green State University Construction and use of cyanobacterial bioreporters to assess aquatic nutrient bioavailability
04/11/05 John Biggerstaff University of Tennessee Advanced Microscopy Techniques in Biological Sciences
04/18/05 B.K. Lee University of Tennessee Yeast Model Systems – for GPCR and for Molecular Psychiatry
04/25/05 Carleen Collins University of Washington The flesh eating bacteria of man and insects
05/05/05 Tracy Hussell Kennedy Institute The role of positive and negative immune cell co-stimulation during lung inflammation

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