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Fall 2017 Microbiology Seminar Series

Earth’s Microbiome: Commonalities across diverse environments

Date Speaker Institution Seminar title
August 24 Karen Lloyd University of Tennessee Identifying environmental functions for uncharacterized lineages of microbes: Filling in the gaps on the tree of life
August 28 Lesley-Ann Giddings Middlebury College Mother knows best: using Mother Nature as a guide in the discovery and engineering of novel microbial natural products
September 4 No seminar today
September 11 Jay Lennon Indiana University Bloomington Scaling laws predict global microbial diversity
September 18 Wes Swingly Northern Illinois University Restoring the Prairie Microbiome
September 25 Jed Fuhrman University of Southern California From the microbial loop to ‘omics: three decades of marine microbial ecology
October 2 Rendi Murphree Tennessee Center for Disease Control Implementing New Public Health Surveillance Systems during Large Outbreaks — Experiences of a Disease Detective
October 9 Joshua Weitz Georgia Tech Synergistic treatment of acute bacterial infections with phage and the innate immune response: from models to mice
October 16 Jarrod Fortwendel University of Tennessee Health Science Center Bug vs. Host: Fungus-Specific Aspects of a Conserved Eukaryotic Pathway
October 23 Maggie Lau Princeton University Minority populations matter: methane-cycling organisms are important ecosystem engineers
October 30 Robert Abramovitch University of Michigan Small molecules that inhibit Mycobacterium tuberculosis environmental sensing and virulence
November 6 Drew Gorman-Lewis

University of Washington

Adventures in metabolic energetics of sulfur oxidizing extremophiles
November 13 George O'Toole Dartmouth College To Build a Biofilm
November 20 Lyle White McGill University Adventures on Axel Heiberg Island: cryomicrobiology and the cold limits of microbial life on Earth
November 27 Frank Stewart Georgia Tech Microbes of the anoxic ocean: emerging insights from contemporary oxygen minimum zones
December 4 No seminar?

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