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Fall 2016 Microbiology General Seminar

Walter Life Sciences, Room M311 @ 11:15AM
Seminar Series associated with MICR 670: Topics in Environmental Microbiology

Date Speaker Institution Seminar title
22-Aug Adam Martiny  University of California-Irvine Niche partitioning among marine phytoplankton
29-Aug Pat Fidopiastis California Polytechnic State University  Genome-enabled Tools to Understand Symbiosis and Encourage “Learn by Doing” 
5-Sep LABOR DAY- No Seminar
12-Sep Jo Handelsman White House Office of Science and Technology Policy The National Microbiome Initiative: Opportunities for Research and Policy
19-Sep Rachel Morgan-Kiss Miami University Diverse Roles of Microbial Eukaryotes (Protists) in Chemically Stratified, Ice-covered Antarctic lakes (McMurdo Dry Valleys)
26-Sep Willie Wilson  Sir Alastir Hardy Foundation for Ocean Sciences What did algal viruses do for us anyway (apart from establishing an evolutionary path to eukaryotic life)?
3-Oct Paul Straight  Texas A & M University Bacterial Fitness, Programs for Competitive Success
10-Oct Brian Hopkinson University of Georgia Understanding the effects of rising CO2 on marine phytoplankton
17-Oct Dianne Newman  California Institute of Technology Primary functions for "secondary" metabolites
24-Oct Elizabeth Fozo  University of Tennessee The ZorO type I toxin of Escherichia coli: Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer
31-Oct Elizabeth Ottesen University of Georgia How is a River like a Cockroach Gut? Assembly and Dynamics of Microbial Communities
7-Nov Barbara Campbell  Clemson University Microbes in a ‘Sea’ of Change
14-Nov Jennifer Gaddy  Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Metal homeostasis and antimicrobial onslaught: the interface between the pregnant host and Group B Streptococcus
21-Nov Suzanna Brauer Appalachian State University Flipping the switch: Peatland warming triggers accelerated carbon degradation, altered methane dynamics, and reverse ecological succession 
28-Nov Michiko Taga University of California-Berkeley Nutrient Sharing in the Microbial World

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