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Fall 2013 Microbiology General Seminar

Seminar will be held every Monday @ 3:35-5:00 in AMB 32.

Date Speaker Information Seminar Title/Topic
26-Aug Ron Atlas
University of Louisville
Preventing the Life Sciences from becoming the Death Sciences: the Dual Use Dilemma
2-Sept Labor Day - No Class
9-Sept Dave Stahl
University of Washington
Civil & Environmental Engineering
The global significance of ammonia-oxidizing archaea
16-Sept Tom DiChristina
GA Tech
How microorganisms breathe metals: Molecular mechanism of microbial metal respiration
23-Sept Jim Tiedje
Michigan State University
The Center for Microbial Ecology
Mining Metagenomes for Meaning
30-Sept Lisa Alvarez-Cohen
University of California, Berkeley
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Department Chair
From Individuals to Community: A Molecular-Based Systems Approach to Understanding Bioremediation
7-Oct Derek Lovley
University of Massachusetts
Dept. of Microbiology
Electromicrobiology: Biocommodities, Bioenergy, Bioelectronics, and Biogeochemistry
14-Oct Ben Twining
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
Senior Research Scientist
Unraveling the roles of plankton in ocean biogeochemistry one cell at a time
21-Oct Julia Kubanek
Georgia Institute of Technology
School of Biology
War in the plankton: Sublethal and reciprocal impacts of red tide microalgae on competitors
28-Oct Tom Schmidt
University of Michigan
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Shallow Breathing: Bacterial Life at Low O2
4-Nov Janet Jansson.
Berkeley National Laboratory
Ecology Department
Use of omics to study soil microbial ecology
11-Nov Rita Colwell
University of Maryland
Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics
Climate Change, Oceans, and Public Health: The Cholera Model
18-Nov TBA TBA
25-Nov Jorge Escalante
The University of Georgia
Dept. of Microbiology
Biosynthesis of Coenzyme B12 : a Prokaryotic Masterpiece

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