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Fall 2012 Microbiology General Seminar

Seminar will be held every Monday in Alumni Memorial Building Room 27 at 3:30 p.m.


Speaker Information Seminar Title/Topic
27-Aug Jen Biddle    
University of Delaware   
Host: Karen Lloyd
Activity in the deep biosphere: living among the mummies
10-Sept Anton Post  
Marine Biological Labs, Woods Hole
Host: Erik Zinser  
Nitrogen acquisition in marine cyanobacteria: from diversification to ecological performance
17-Sept Ken Nealson
University of Southern California
Host: Karen Lloyd
Interactions of bacteria with charged surfaces: something new to think about in microbiology
24-Sept Annette Engel
University of Tennessee
Host: Steven Wilhelm
Functional bacterial diversity patterns from cave and karst habitats
8-Oct Josh Neufeld
The University of Waterloo
Host: Alison Buchan
Microbial ecology and big data: essential bedfellows?
15-Oct Virginia Edgecomb Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Host: Karen Lloyd
Microbial eukaryotes in oxygen-depleted and anoxic/sulfidic marine water columns and sediments
22-Oct Joe Grzymski
The Desert Research Institute
Host: Jill Mikucki
The impact of nitrogen and iron limitation on the evolution of marine microbes
29-Oct Steven Short
University of Toronto
Host: Steven Wilhelm
Freshwater algal viruses: persistent, pernicious, plankton parasites
5-Nov Ron Oremland
US Geological Survey  
Host: Jill Mikucki
Arsenic and the meaning of life
12-Nov Chris Hunter
Pennsylvania State University
Host: Nathan Schmidt
Imaging the immune response to infection
19-Nov Kathy Coyne
University of Delaware
Host: Karen Lloyd
The unique nitrate reductases in Raphidophyte species: ecological consequences and commercial applications
26-Nov Mandy Joye
University of Georgia  
Host: Karen Lloyd
Hydrocarbon cycling in Gulf of Mexico: before, during, and after Macondo

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