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Fall 2009 Seminars

Date Speaker Information Seminar Title/Topic
8/24 No Meeting
8/31 Dr. Tim Sparer, University of Tennessee Chemokines gone wild! The pleiotropic effects of chemokines and chemokine receptors: Innate immunity, cytomegalovirus dissemination, and tumorigenesis
9/7 Holiday
9/14 Dr. Andrew Yurochko, LSU Health Sciences Center (Host: Tim Sparer): Linking Cytomegalovirus Persistence Strategies to Human Disease
9/21 Dr. Patrick Lu NIH- (Host: Barry Rouse) Therapeutic manipulation of microbe related inflammatory lesions by RNA interference
9/28 Dr. Chunlei Su, University of Tennessee Population genetics and gene expression regulation in Toxoplasma
10/5 Dr. Roberto Kolter- Harvard University (Host: Erik Zinser ) Functional Anatomy of a Bacterial Biofilm
10/12 Dr. Larry Kane- University of Pittsburgh (Host: Thandi Onami)
Signaling Pathways that Regulate T Cell Activation
10/19 Dr. Todd Reynolds, University of Tennessee Lipid and cell wall metabolic pathways: Roles they play in fungal virulence and biofilm formation
10/26 Dr. Allan Zajac, University of Alabama, Birmingham (Host: Thandi Onami)
T cell exhaustion during persistent viral infections
11/2 Dr. Ralph Tripp , University of Georgia "Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) regulation of the host response to infection"
11/9 Dr. Robert Belas, University of Maryland Center of Marine Biotechnology (Host Alison Buchan) Roseobacter-dinoflagellate symbiosis and the swim-or-stick switch
11/16 Dr. Jeroen Saeij, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Host: Chunlei Su)
Molecular and genetic analysis of Toxoplasma pathogenesis
11/23 Dr. Jay Wimalasena, University of
Tennessee Cancer Institute
(Host: Tim Sparer)
Apoptosis, estrogen receptors, and breast cancer
11/30 First year graduate student presentations

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