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Fall 2006 Seminars

Date Speaker School/Center Topic
09/11/06 Bala Swaminathan CDC Foodborne Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Investigations: Two Decades of Progress
09/18/06 Scott Mueller Emory University Vaccine Center Stromal cells and chemokines: coordinated control of immune responses
09/25/06 John Gunn N/A Host Sensing and Bacterial Surface Modifications Are Important for Salmonella in vivo Survival
10/02/06 Bridgette Gicquel Mycobacterial Genetics Unit, Pasteur Institute Host pathogen interactions during infection by Mycobacterium tuberculosis
10/09/06 Martin Keller ORNL Genomics and analysis of stress response in bacteria
10/16/06 Chris Francis Stanford University TBA
10/23/06 John Timoney University of Kentucky, Lexington Pathogenesis of Strangles and the Origin and Biology of Streptococcus equi
10/30/06 Klaus Freuh Oregon Health Sciences University Immune modulation by a family of viral and cellular ubiquitin ligases
11/06/06 Stewart Cole Pasteur Institute From Swamps to Schwann Cells: a genomic approach to evolution of pathogens
11/13/06 Eric Stab University of Georgia i Vibrio fishii symposis: the role of LPS in colonization of host species by V. fischeri
11/20/06 Vivek Kapur University of Minnesota Translational research in microbial pathogenomics
11/27/06 OPEN
12/04/06 OPEN

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