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Fall 2005 Seminars

Date Speaker School/Center Topic
09/12/05 Beth Holtbold Wake Forest University Pathogen Sensing: Dendritic cell interactions with Listeria Monocytogenes
09/19/05 George O'Toole Dartmouth Medical School To Build a Biofilm
09/26/05 Marcelino Suzuki University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Gene Quantification in MicrobialOceanography
10/03/05 Bill Miller University of Cincinnati Regulation of HCMV GPCR SignalTransduction by Host Proteins
10/10/05 Tim Hollibaugh University of Georgia Analysis of Microbial Communities in a Soda Lake: Who is doing what with whom and how do w know?
10/17/05 Mark Radosevich University of Tennessee Atrazine-Degrading Microbial Populations in Soil and Wetlands: Linking Degradation to Diversity
10/24/05 David Soll University of Iowa Switching, Sex, Biofilms, and Pathogenesisin Candida albicans
10/31/05 Mike Twiner NOAA Marine Biotoxins program Microarrays and their Application to the Toxicology of the Harmful Algal BloomToxin Azaspiracid
11/07/05 Eric Webb Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute The Crocosphaera and Trichodesmiumgenomes: a window into the genetic Underpinnings of oceanic diazotrophy
11/14/05 Jill Banfield UC Berkeley Molecular tools and complex microbial communities
11/21/05 Richard Merritt Michigan State University Buruli Ulcer: A Disease Associated with Insects and Disturbed Aquatic Environments
11/28/05 First year Microbiology Graduate Students
Results and observations from lab rotations

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