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Research Diversity

Microbial Pathogenesis

  • Jeff Becker - Yeast and fungal molecular biology
  • Elizabeth Fozo - Stress responses in pathogenic bacteria
  • Vitaly Ganusov - Mathematical modeling of CD8 T cell responses to acute and chronic infections
  • Todd Reynolds - Lipids and signaling in fungal pathogenesis and biofilm formation; antifungal drug target identification
  • Tim Sparer - Cytomegalovirus chemokines in pathology, obesity, atherosclerosis; constitutively active CXCR2 in cancer
  • Chunlei Su - Population genetics of Toxoplasma gondii

Microbial Ecology

  • Alison Buchan - Molecular microbial ecology, bacterial aromatic compound catabolism, marine microbiology
  • Terry Hazen - Systems biology approach to bioremediation, bioenergy and water quality
  • Igor Jouline - Evolutionary genomics
  • Frank Loeffler - Environmental microbiology and microbial ecology
  • Karen Lloyd - Marine microbiology
  • Jill Milkucki - Polar microbial ecology; exploration of Antarctic subice environments
  • Gary Sayler - Pursuit ofbioluminescent organisms for biotechnological applications
  • Steven Wilhelm - Molecular ecology of viruses, bacteria and algae in oceans and large lakes
  • Erik Zinser - Ecology and physiology of marine photosynthetic bacteria

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