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MUC Constitution

Name of Organization
The name of this organization is the Microbiology Undergraduate Club.

The purpose of the Microbiology Undergraduate Club is to promote interest in the field of microbiology by providing students the opportunity to explore various careers and aspects of the field in practice.

Membership is open to all UT undergraduate students who wish to learn about the real-life applications of microbiology regardless of race, gender, disability, religion, or national origin. To be an active member, students must register with club at the start of each semester, pay membership fees (see Article VII) and attend two or more meetings per semester.

Section 1
Officers may be any students in good academic standing during their membership. As committee members their tasks include promoting membership, maintaining attendance records, managing the club finances and organizing club-related events. Officer positions will be Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster and President. Positions may be held for up to one year.

Section 2
The President shall be appointed by election with majority rule. It is the responsibility of the President as official liaison to communicate to current members the upcoming events and any changes in scheduling should they arise. The Secretary shall record minutes for each meeting; Treasurer shall collect dues and manage funds; The Webmaster will be responsible for updating the website.  

Section 3
In addition to the undergraduate student officers, there shall be graduate student advisors who will assist the faculty advisor in overseeing the decisions of the committee. Graduate student(s) shall be approved by the faculty advisor.

Term of Office
Officers and the President may serve up to one year in office. At the culmination of the first semester, they may choose to continue serving for a subsequent semester or resigning.

Frequency of Meetings
Meetings (which include seminars, field trips, community outreach, etc) will be held monthly. Club officers shall meet as often as twice a month or as they see necessary.

Financial Statement
Club membership shall be $15 per semester or $20 per year. Fees will go towards creating the club website and offsetting the costs of t-shirts and supplies. In the event that the club discontinues, the remaining funds will go to the most recent organization with which the community outreach program was involved with.

A full-time faculty member of the University, approved by the Department Head, will serve as advisor and provide assistance to the club in organizing seminars, field visits, and managing the budget. The advisor will have the responsibility to verify through the Office of Student Conduct that current officers are in good academic standing. Term in office may be indefinite, however in the event that the advisor resigns the club may choose to elect a new faculty advisor in the department.

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