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  Name Title Research
Alison Buchan Buchan, Alison Carolyn W. Fite Professor, Associate Head of Microbiology Molecular microbial ecology, bacterial aromatic compound catabolism, marine microbiology
Elizabeth Fozo Fozo, Elizabeth Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies Stress responses in pathogenic bacteria
Vitaly V. Ganusov Ganusov, Vitaly V. Associate Professor Mathematical modeling of CD8 T cell responses to acute and chronic infections
Heidi Goodrich-Blair Goodrich-Blair, Heidi David and Sandra White Professor, Head of Microbiology Molecular mechanisms of bacteria-animal mutualism and pathogenesis
Terry Hazen Hazen, Terry Professor, Governor's Chair Systems biology approach to bioremediation, bioenergy and water quality
Jeremiah Johnson Johnson, Jeremiah Assistant Professor Bacterial pathogenesis
Karen Lloyd Lloyd, Karen Associate Professor Marine microbiology
Frank Loeffler Loeffler, Frank Professor, Governor's Chair Environmental microbiology and microbial ecology
Jill Mikucki Mikucki, Jill Associate Professor Polar microbial ecology; exploration of Antarctic subice environments
Benjamin Parker Parker, Benjamin Assistant Professor Ecology and evolution of animal-microbe interactions
Todd Reynolds Reynolds, Todd Associate Professor Lipids and signaling in fungal pathogenesis and biofilm formation; antifungal drug target identification
Tim E. Sparer Sparer, Tim E. Associate Professor Cytomegalovirus chemokines in pathology, obesity, atherosclerosis; constitutively active CXCR2 in cancer
Andrew Steen Steen, Andrew Assistant Professor Geomicrobiology and organic geochemistry
Chunlei Su Su, Chunlei Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies Population genetics of Toxoplasma gondii
Talmy, David Assistant Professor Ocean microbial ecology and biogeochemistry
Steven W. Wilhelm Wilhelm, Steven W. Kenneth & Blaire Mossman Professor Molecular ecology of viruses, bacteria and algae in oceans and large lakes
Erik Zinser Zinser, Erik Associate Professor Ecology and physiology of marine photosynthetic bacteria
Barry Bruce Bruce, Barry Joint Professsor Membrane biochemistry related to photosynthesis
DeBruyn, Jennifer Joint Associate Professor Environmental microbiology
Shigetoshi Eda Eda, Shigetoshi Joint Professor Cattle immunity to Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (MAP) surface molecules
David Graham Graham, David Oak Ridge National Laboratory Joint Faculty, Associate Professor Microbial ecology and physiology
  Hettich, Robert Oak Ridge National Laboratory Joint Faculty, Associate Professor High performance Mass Spectrometry/Laser Spectroscopy
Jun Lin Lin, Jun Joint Professor Infectious disease and food safety
Mircea Podar Podar, Mircea Oak Ridge Natioal Laboratory Joint Faculty Systems genetics and computational approaches to microbial evolution
  Radosevich, Mark Joint Professor Soil microbiology and biochemistry
Christopher Schadt Schadt, Christopher Oak Ridge National Laboratory Joint Faculty, Associate Professor Microbial ecology and plant-microbe interactions

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