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Graduate Research Colloquium

Microbiology 615 (colloquium) will serve the following learning objectives:

  • Demonstrate a broad-based knowledge of principles and processes associated with microbiology
  • Demonstrate critical thinking through the integration of multidisciplinary concepts
  • Demonstrate communication skills through both writing and oral presentation

Spring 2022 Colloquium Schedule
Thursdays, 3:30pm-4:30pm
Mossman 202





Andy Wagner

Elucidating regulatory pathways that mediate ß(1,3)-glucan exposure in Candida albicans

Brittany Zepernick

Elevated pH conditions associated with Microcystis spp. blooms decrease the viability of freshwater diatoms


Allison Mason

Impact of Human Decomposition on Soil Functional Profiles

Alex Grossman

The Type Eleven Secretion System: TXISS


Emily Bowden

Hiring Heterotrophs as Hitmen: Determining the carbon currencies Prochlorococcus pays to take out the competition

Troy Getty

What Makes Fatty Acids Toxic to Enterococcus faecalis Growth?

Katelyn Houghton

A method to directly link virus and host


Triston Walsh

Characterizing a Novel Regulatory Protein with Mass Photometry


Fumnaya Abuah

Interactions between phototrophs and heterotrophs in the Don Juan Pond

Georgina Aitolo

Genetic variability of Regiella insecticola in a natural population

Sudan Maharjan Can we complement ΔfakB1,2,5 of E. faecalis?

Olivia Riffey



Naomi Gilbert

Disentangling environmental drivers of viral ecology in the Sargasso Sea

Sean Callahan

A Campylobacter jejuni deacetylase mediates neutrophil extracellular trap production


Selene Shore

Back to the beginning! New information in light of a rapidly expanding genome database.

Cameron Moore

Investigating the role of Leucine-responsive regulatory protein in Xenorhabdus nematophila phenotypic variation


Aeric Zhou

Solubilization and purification of phosphatidylserine synthase from Candida albicans

Liz Glasgo

“The best way to find out what we really need is to get rid of what we don’t” - Marie Kondo


Bridget O’Banion

Plant and bacterial inositol exchange influences root colonization outcomes

Alexandra Gates

Untangling salicylic acid driven microbial interactions during root microbiome assembly


Caleb Schuler

Snow Algae: a colloquium story

Elise Phillips

The Regulation of a Plastic Degrading Protein


Haley Dylewski

Electrochemical sensing of nucleic acids: A tale of microchips, patents, and secrecy


TJ Rogers

Deep Subsurface Patterns in Chemoautotrophic-based Microbial Communities Across a Volcanic Arc


Katie McCullough

Stepwise quantification of abiotic and biotic factors impacting Prochlorococcus biomass

Previous Colloquiums: Fall 2020 | Spring 2021

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