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Graduate Research Colloquium

Microbiology 615 (colloquium) will serve the following learning objectives:

  • Demonstrate a broad-based knowledge of principles and processes associated with microbiology
  • Demonstrate critical thinking through the integration of multidisciplinary concepts
  • Demonstrate communication skills through both writing and oral presentation

Spring 2021 Colloquium Schedule

Thursdays, 4:30-5:45 PM
Mossman 202

Date Presenters Title Questioneers
1/21/2021 Jill Walton Roseobacter Aromatic Hydrocarbon Degradation Allison Mason
Cameron Jackson Fight Night: Temperate Phages' Possible Inluences on Head-to-Head Competiton Diana Ramirez
Mikayla Mangrum The effect of CEK1 on β-1,3-glucan masking in Candida albicans Barbara Klein
Alexander Truchon Purification of a putative viral polysaccharide lyase Liz Denison
1/28/2021 Jennifer Baily Characterizing the microbiomes of Panamanian hotsprings as a proxy for the deep subsurface biosphere Selene Shore
Jemma McLeish Investigating STE11 in Candida glabrata Masking Brittni Kelley
Ainsley King The Effect of STE50 on β-1,3-glucan Masking in Candida albicans Jill Walton
Cameron Moore Symbiont-mediated 28S rRNA depurination in S. affine-78 nematodes Jennifer Baily
2/4/2021 Barbara Klein Investigating the Stability of a Defective Prophage in Cyanobacterial Genomes Naomi Gilbert
Morgan Hetzel Where's the Fat? Fatty acid growth profiles in a glycosyltransferase mutant Caleb Schuler
Sarina Mitchell Chaotrophic agents constrain life in Antarctic, CaCl2 saturated sediments Morgan Hetzel
2/11/2021 Diana Ramirez Alkane-1-monooxygenases in Pseudomonas sp. strain 273 Cameron Jackson
Lovell Smith Effects of Dessication in a Salty Soil Matrix Liz Glasgo
Carolina Dolislager Host-Pathogen Interactions of Campylobacter jejuni Infection Alexandra Gates
Sayali Mulay Identification and characterization of bacterial lineages from early earth analogue- Zoddleton Spring Haley Dylewsk
2/18/2021 James Gurney (Georgia Tech) Efficacy and Evolutionary Robustness of Phage Therapy and Steering Theresa Jones
2/25/2021 Andy Wagner ß(1,3)-glucan unmasking attenuates the virulence of Candida albicans in a host immune system dependent manner. Brittany Zepernick
Allison Mason Cadaver-related factors impact soil chemical and microbial responses to human decomposition Sarina Mitchell
3/4/2021 Alex Grossman The Type Eleven Secretion System and its role in maintaining symbiosis Carolina Dolislager
Haley Dylewski Point of care virus detection Jordan Cannon
3/11/2021 Erin Mans Xenorhabdus nematophila bacteria and neurotransmitters modulate Steinernema carpocapsae egg laying behavior Cameron Moore
Bridget O'Banion Investigating bacterial factors influencing root colonization phenotypes Alex Wagner
3/18/2021 Trevor Hancock Cat's Out of the Bag: Potential for a SARS-like Coronavirus Circulating within East Tennessee Jake Shaffer
Caleb Schuler Surviving the extremes: the microbial mat at Don Juan Pond Erin Mans
3/25/2021 Viktor Zenkov Intravital imaging experiments track CD8 T cells searching for Plasmodium liver stages, but do the imaging frequency and duration impact the detection of CD8 T cell bias? Frank May
Naomi Gilbert Taxonomic and functional response of microbial communities to iron availability in the Southern Ocean Elise Phillips

Previous Colloquiums: Fall 2020

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