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Graduate Research Colloquium

Microbiology 615 (colloquium) will serve the following learning objectives:

  • Demonstrate a broad-based knowledge of principles and processes associated with microbiology
  • Demonstrate critical thinking through the integration of multidisciplinary concepts
  • Demonstrate communication skills through both writing and oral presentation

Fall 2022 Colloquium Schedule
Thursdays, 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Mossman 102





Fall Break

Fall Break

10/13/2022 Jennifer Baily Examining how the interplay between aerobic methane-oxidizing communities and geochemistry drives aerobic methanophy
  Morgan Hetzel A Tale of Two Viruses: differential usage of heparan sulfate by in vivo and in vitro derived MCMV
10/20/2022 Jill Walton Investigation into a novel polycyclic aromatic degradation pathway within the Roseobacteraceae family
  Ainsley King Putative GPI-anchored protein Fgr41 impacts cell wall organization in C. albicans
10/27/2022 Mikayla Mangrum Investigating the impact of uridine auxotrophy on cell wall architecture and virulence of Candida albicans
  Alex Truchon Viral Hijacking of the Diel Growth Cycle in Algae
11/3/2022 Sarina Mitchell Microbial Life in Mariana Forearc Mud Volcanoes 
  Diana Ramirez Attenuation of Perfluorinated Alkyl Acid Precursors by a Bacterial Isolate
11/10/2022 Sayali Mulay Assessing the active microbial ecology from the cold subsurface environment of Svalbard
  Fumnanya Abuah Metagenomics analysis of Svalbard Permafrost
  Katelyn Houghton Linking virus and host
11/17/2022 Qiao Chen Dichloromethane degradation by strict anaerobic bacteria: In vitro enzyme studies
  Troy Getty Fatty acid metabolism effects on Enterococcus faecalis cellular morphology
  Emily Bowden Studying the effects of long term oxidative stress on Prochlorococcus in a community
12/1/2022 Kambiz Kalhor Stability adaptations of enzymes in subsurface sediments in the Baltic Sea
  Sudan Maharjan The internal versus external fatty acids on Enterococcus faecalis physiology

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