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Current Graduate Students

Jonelle Basso Jonelle Basso Buchan 2014
Jordan Bird Jordan Bird Lloyd 2012
Bikash Bogati Bikash Bogati Fozo 2015
Kyle Bonifer Kyle Bonifer Reynolds 2013
William Brewer V William Brewer V 2017
Joy Buongiorno Joy Buongiorno Lloyd 2014
Benjamin Calfee Benjamin Calfee Zinser 2015
Chelsi Cassilly Chelsi Cassilly Reynolds 2012
Tian Chen Tian Chen Reynolds 2013
Michelle Chua Michelle Chua Mikucki 2012
Karissa Cross Karissa Cross Podar 2014
Katie Fullerton Katie Fullerton Lloyd 2016
Jackson Gainer Jackson Gainer Wilhelm/Zinser 2011
Eric Gann Eric Gann Wilhelm 2015
Naomi Gilbert Naomi Gilbert 2017
Jose Liquet Gonzalez Jose Liquet Gonzalez DeBruyn 2016
Alex Grossman Alex Grossman 2017
John Harp Fozo 2013
Trevor Hancock Trevor Hancock 2017
Joseph Jackson Joseph Jackson Sparer 2015
Tiantian Jiang Tiantian Jiang Su 2013
Brittni Ragland Kelley Brittni Ragland Kelley Johnson 2016
Richard Kevorkian Richard Kevorkian Lloyd 2016
Lauren Klausfeldt Lauren Krausfeldt Wilhelm 2012
Lauren Mach Lauren Quigley Buchan 2013
Erin Mans Erin Mans Goodrich-Blair 2016
Robbie Martin Robbie Martin Wilhelm 2012
Allison Mason Allison Mason 2017
Kathryn McBride Kathryn McBride Hazen 2016
Briana McDowell Briana McDowell Loeffler 2015
April Mitchell April Mitchell Buchan 2014
Katherine Moccia Katherine Moccia Lebeis 2016
Bridget O’Banion Bridget O’Banion 2017
Spiridon Papoulis Spiridon Papoulis Zinser 2015
Helena Pound Helena Pound 2017
Hunter Rice Hunter Rice Eda 2016
Samantha Rose Samantha Rose Wilhelm 2013
Caleb Schuler Caleb Schuler 2017
Laurel Seus Laurel Seus 2017
Janette Shank Janette Shank Johnson 2016
Mean Silbaugh Megan Silbaugh Zinser 2012
Katie Sipes Katie Sipes Lloyd 2016
Sarah Sloan Sarah Sloan Lebeis 2013
Joshua Stough Joshua Stough Wilhelm 2013
Robert (Bob) Tams Robert (Bob) Tams Reynolds 2014
Ellen Taylor Ellen Taylor 2017
Matthew Tuttle Matthew Tuttle Buchan 2015
Jessica Tweedie Jessica Tweedie 2017
Andrew Wagner 2017
Yongchao Yin Yongchao Yin Loeffler 2014

The flagship campus of the University of Tennessee System and partner in the Tennessee Transfer Pathway.